Dedicated Server – Web Hosting on Your Own Server

What is a dedicated server? Have you encountered the term anywhere online before? If not, this article is going to give you background information about dedicated web hosting servers and what you can get out of them. A dedicated server is a web host that serves your website and ONLY your website. As compared to the shared web server, a dedicated server is all yours to manage, monitor, and organize. Though the equipment is usually supplied by the service provider, the dedicated server is entirely yours for you to use.
Space and bandwidth is for you to use however you want. What’s more, apart from your main website you can create several affiliate websites that can generate extra revenue through ads that’ll lead customers back to your main website.

In reality, there are 2 ways to earn money on the internet. First, you can sell products and services to individuals and companies or you can make money through ads and affiliates. Heck, you can even combine both if you think it is more beneficial for your business.

Here’s a scenario: let’s say you’d like to host a website to sell curtains. You were able to create a fine website wherein customers can easily shop for different styles of curtains with just one click of a button. Once you start earning money from this business, you’d want to make more money out of it. But because of the limited space and bandwidth that your shared server can only provide, it won’t be able to handle more traffic. What you can do is spend a little bit more to acquire a dedicated web hosting server.

And now that you have a dedicated server, you can do much more since you have more space to work on. Sure, your curtain website may be good enough for you, but you have all this unused space still waiting to be utilized. What will you do to make them work for you?

One possible way is to create smaller websites made for the sole purpose of generating extra money through ads. These will lead more and more people to your main website. For example, you can use one small website for the history of curtains and then write about home improvements in another website. Content writing skills will be of much use here so try to come up with website content filled with useful keywords so that much traffic will be driven to your main website. You will also be able to advertise your own website for free by using links that customers can click on if they wish to see your main store.

In the end, there’s really no limit to how much money you can earn online with your own web server. Though you started out with just the interest in selling curtains, you can now generate revenue in other ways possible. You can start paying for your top web hosting canada while driving traffic into your business all at the same time.

To become successful, start thinking out of the box. Think of different ways to make the most out of your dedicated server such as incorporating ads and affiliate products into your website.